Organizacja Pożytku Publicznego

 girls worldwide say
"10 mln. girls ... one voice"


(existing in Poland since may 2004)

§ 10 of statut

"The purpose of the Foundation is the activity in favour of physical and legal entities as well as for non governmental organizations, public institutions and local communities by means of:

  1. promoting and supporting the development of girls and young women (by leading informative and educational campaigns);
  2. popularization of scouting/guiding method and specific forms of activity (by preparing and popularization training programmes);
  3. support and popularization of guiding priority values system as well as the traditions of guiding movement;
  4. maintenance of the multigeneration bonds between girl guides and popularization of national, civil and cultural awareness;
  5. bringing support for developmental, educational and professional needs of the volunteers and girl guides standing out in their community whose attitudes and targets are convergent with the purposes of the Foundation (by initializing, organizing and supporting the meetings, jamborees, courses, conferences and other forms of nationwide and international cooperation);
  6. popularization of the knowledge on variety of girls' and young women's developmental needs and undertaking activity for acceptance of these needs in the educational system and the system of teachers' training);
  7. performing education for equal partnership, popularization of girls' and young women's rights and activity in favour of women's rights protection;
  8. promoting and supporting for activities on improving health condition of girls and young women;
  9. organizing and supporting research on recognizing developmental needs girls' and young women's expectations;
  10. promoting and supporting girl guides' participation in activities performed by WAGGGS, (by translating, compiling and popularization of WAGGGS' and European girl guides organizations programmes); ..."


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